Perinatal depression

Hi so I have a beautiful husband. I worship ground he walks on. He’s kind, reliable, funny, stable and my rock. That being said I am convinced there’s something wrong because I keep having hideous intrusive thoughts of hurting him. I’m scared that these won’t ever go away and it’ll ruin what has been a very stable, safe and secure marriage. Help 😣
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Hi 👋 Have you ever wondered about OCD or have a history of it? OCD preys on the things/people that are precious to you xx

@incognito Jesus Christ of Nazareth can deliver you from those intrusive thoughts. They are not your own thoughts. Your creator wants to heal you and deliver you from these afflictions. I am here if you want to message me and I will tell you how I received deliverance and found heaven on earth.

Yeah it sounds like you have OCD intrusive thoughts and they can make you think about these scary things ranging from violent or lewd to really anything bizarre and they can be very upsetting, if they are constant or reoccurring you should talk to a mental health worker through the midwife and they will help teach you about dealing with them! And it’d help him understand that just because you think those thoughts doesn’t mean you want to act them out or even want to think them. Everyone gets intrusive thoughts just some can be more often or distressing than others!

That can be a symptom of PPD. I would absolutely talk to your dr about that. I just had an appointment yesterday to seek therapy since I was having the same feelings and thoughts. My husband is a literal angel sent to me by god and I can’t help but want to punch him in the face most of the time and whatever little intrusive thought pops into my mind. Please reach out for some help from a professional! You’re doing great regardless and it’s not abnormal 💜 plummeting hormones freaking SUCK! Good luck Momma

Hi mama, sounds like ocd. I had such thoughts too. It’s horrible. But I much better now. Please see your GP. Also, don’t argue with the thoughts. The more you argue with it the more you have them. There are also OCD self help books on Amazon. There are also YouTube video that addresses this issue. Above all, being a Christian helped me. I don’t know if you are one. But praying and reading the word of God helped me. Feel free to message me. Sending love and light. Praying for you.

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