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Hi mums! I need to do my KIT days very soon and my manager is asking me when I'd like to come in and the hours. Any advice as to how many hours I should start with and how to increase accordingly, if at all? How did you guys do it? Can you share your experience? Btw, I'm a band 5 nurse working in the ward and baby is exclusively breastfed if that helps with the suggestions. Thank you x
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Could you not do just a few hours in the morning as Ul still get paid for a full day

I do two per month- as they are tax free it really helps to top up my mat pay. My baby weaned himself so I didn’t have that issue, but I do pump in a private room if i need to x

KIT days are not compulsory, not sure if by ‘need’ you mean you need to do them or your manager is forcing you to do them. Maybe you can start with half days to begin with and then increase (if you want), hope that helps x

I was told by my line manager that I won't be paid for my kit days until my first month's pay when I return to work is this correct?

@Georgia mine are paid each month, I would contact HR and ask but it is not up to your line manager when they are paid

My pay for KIT days was shocking. I did one and didn’t do anymore cause it wasn’t financially beneficial for me x

Thank you everyone for your advice/input! Will probably do a few hours in the morning! Xx

I don’t know if yours are the same as our trust but they take a day mat pay off you and pay you a full day work pay so make sure you do a full day, that’s why a lot of people don’t bother doing them x

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