I know this is unreasonable but I need to vent so I don’t take it out on my partner. I had a rubbish day at work. Attacked and ended up there really late. Get home starving as I haven’t got to eat all day. Partner hasn’t started dinner as he didn’t know what to make. He then insists on ordering takeaway. I’m not a big takeaway fan but give in after a few minute. He wants domino’s. I don’t like it. I said I’ll get it if we get the cookies cause I’ll just have a slice of pizza and then two cookies. We order it. He decides last minute he wants sides so changes the deal. He goes to collect it. He gets back. I take a slice and it’s not nice so I give my slice to him. Go to get a cookie and they aren’t there. The deal he changed to so he could have sides didn’t have cookies and he didn’t add them on. He said it wa a just a mistake. I know it is but it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve ended up with food I don’t like I’m in a bad mood from work so I’m being stubborn and not making myself eat it. It just annoys me that he couldn’t make sure I got what I ordered. He got a large pizza and two sides and I got nothing. I said I might eat it later once I’ve had a shower and perked myself up. Come down for. My shower and there’s only one slice of pizza left. Nothing else. He would have ate that slice if I hadn’t of come down which he admitted to.
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I would ordered my own food then from somewhere that you you wanted to eat.

I agree with @Lindsay. My partner and I often have fend for yourself nights. Especially if one or both have had a hard day. And if we settle on takeout. I’m absolutely getting what I want from wherever

That will definitely be a good option for the further. This is my last month of maternity pay so once we can afford to, I’ll just order my own separate thing. Atm we can’t afford £30 worth of dominoes and then what I would get - it’s a sharing once a month thing right now. I do think that would be better. Or I could have just got something from the shop. I feel like when I’m on a low mood run my ability to reason and problem solve goes out the window. I really need to work on itn

I’d have taken it out on him to be fair. That’s not very considerate regardless of you had a bad day or not.

I was kinda on the fence until I read the last bit. I thought, well yeah it was a mistake because he changed it last minute, but to have a conversation about you eating after your shower and then for him to finish almost all of it is horrible. I hope you've been able to eat something substantial for dinner tonight x

Pretty selfish behaviour from him. You’re the mother of his child and he’s letting you go hungry. Totally thoughtless. I just don’t get it when men behave like this. The first thing my husband does when he gets home from work (I’m also still on mat leave) is ask if I’ve eaten. Before he does anything for himself. If I haven’t had dinner already, he takes me to the fridge/freezer to find something I fancy, and he’ll even heat it up for me if I’m tired. Maybe he’s just afraid of me when I’m hangry 😂 but really, how is forgetting your cookies and leaving only one shitty piece of pizza after your shower showing you love?

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