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This is a venting post my partner and his family are honestly doing my head in my partner is a part time dad by that I mean when people are around he will happily make out he helps me with baby but he doesn't and I now have his family messaging me about him been the best dad in the world etc Baby is his 6th child and he does nothing other than sleep, play the PlayStation or go outside to smoke he changed his shift jn work to work later so he's home after baby goes to bed for the night and he leaves the house after waking baby up by turning the bedroom light on. I've had enough of been the one who does everything and made out I do nothing by him and his family his mother has called me a lazy parent because I asked him to watch the baby while I went to the bottom of the street for the shop by myself as baby is teething and I just needed 5 minutes the house was still in site when I got a call to come back and collect the baby and take him with me as a mother would never want 5 minutes break and I'm lazy for requesting a little me Time I have a velcro baby I have to wear him in end to get things done around the house
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Personally I hate men I’m not in the same situation he’s only showing off what he doesn’t have… he’s a manipulator making ppl think he’s there when he’s not and turning on the light maybe if he lets his eyes dialate he can see in the dark orrrrr tell him to put his 💩 outside the bed so he doesn’t wake the baby they need sleep without much rest they won’t learn that’s so stupid I’m so sorry

Oh I can relate ! If you ever need to talk, you can always message me 🤍

I've told him things need to change or I take baby and we move out as it would be easier on my own anyways with me doing it all anyways I've tried asking him to use his phone touch I do have a portable night light that is bright enough to see when u walk around with it and it doesn't wake the baby

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