Am I being too sensitive??

Not MIL but SIL. We will be talking about my LO and she will always somehow bring up breastfeeding and that my LO is bottle fed. This is a sore subject for me as I really wanted to breastfeed but it just didn’t work out for us despite trying everything, lactation consultants etc. In the end I combi fed and at 5 months LO refused the breast. He is happy and healthy which is all that matters but I’m still disappointed I didn’t get to breastfeed how I had imagined. Today I mentioned how he has been spitting up the last couple of days which is unusual for him. She proceeds to say she doesn’t know anything about what is in formula etc etc as she breastfed blah blah. I took that almost like saying it’s full of rubbish etc, and that could be making him sick. Genuinely shed tears on the drive home, I’m normally not a soft person but there have been comments every time I’ve seen her about breastfeeding/formula. About how she was “just stubborn” and “persevered” to make it work. Then say “well you should do whatever is easier” as if I’ve taken the easy option. Makes me feel like shit tbh! Am I just being sensitive, don’t really know what to do really 😩
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Massive bitch in my opinion x

She’s making digs on purpose clearly. I’d call her out on it next time

I always think to kill it with kindness. “Oh goodness, imagine if I’d have tried to carry on, the endless hours of lactation consultants, the mastitus episodes and being in hospital with a high temp and hooked up to a pump, feeling liked death and all that time away from the baby… some people are physically just capable and so is baby, sometimes it’s just more complicated and thank goodness I have my priories really well considered and what’s best for my baby. Cup of tea, love?”

@Anneliese honestly I wish I had more backbone. I know I won’t call her out, she says these things in front of my MIL, FIL and partner and no one bats an eye. Feels very subtle at the time. I always think of excellent things to say about 24 hrs later 😆😆 usually if I confront people my emotions get the better of me 😩

What does your partner think? Can he have a word with her and say how her constant comments are making you feel like crap

@Yog I think I may go this route. Probably not the medical things as she always has some medical problem going on that’s worse than everyone else. Don’t want it turning into “who is more poorly competition”. Need to work on not letting things get to me 💪💪

It seems like she has put herself on a pedestal because she breastfeeds-as others have said, abit of a cow. I would ask your partner to have a word about her insensitivity

It kills me when a mother wants to breast-feed and can’t then people make comments to her like she’s doing something harmful or wrong or like she’s an awful person or whatever even if you just didn’t want to breast-feed, some people are so tired and they struggle and they need help so they need to bottlefeed so they can get the help they need after giving birthperfectly OK I’m so sorry she does that to you

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