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Does anyone take medication just for anxiety & how do you find it? I’ve had generalised anxiety and social anxiety for as long as I can remember but it’s been manageable. Since having my daughter I have the worst health anxiety which I have CBT for but I actually feel like the therapy has helped my GAD & social anxiety and not so much my health anxieties. Now the health anxiety is impacting my normal every day life, that horrible sick, tight chest feeling like something terrible is going to happen is now constant. I’m now very much considering if medication might benefit me, I just want that horrible heavy feeling to be lifted. How do people on medication for anxiety find it? Does it help? What side effects do you have etc?
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Normally, a psychiatrist. I’m not sure if a GP could prescribe or not, but it’s also worth a shot to ask.

My family doctor (GP) prescribed me with medication, I actually just started a week ago.

Sorry I should have been more clear, I mean how do you find it works for you? I know I will need to speak to my GP about it 🙂

I was told there was nothing that I could take for anxiety, this is why I've had my tooth infection for a month and a half because I have general anxiety, but also a deeeeeep fear of getting my tooth pulled....anyway. I can take ANYTHING, I was told.... please let me know what y'all are taking so I can bring it up to my doctor 🙏🏽

I take buspirone for anxiety but I also have mdd and pmdd, so it's not the only medication I'm on. I find it works pretty well. I'm going back into the workforce so we shall see if it still works. 🤣

I have been taking sertraline since 2 weeks pp, I’m not 4 months pp, it has helped. I’ve had anxiety for years, social and health. I was on medication and therapy years ago but had been managing it myself for the last years. Since my baby it got worse, the medication helped but I don’t know if maybe I would have started feeling better anyway. I’d like to come off it at some stage to see how I feel. I still have really bad health anxiety, every day I worry that something bad is going to happen, so it hasn’t helped that but just helped my general anxiety

I was on Lexapro for over a year and it helped the intrusive thoughts. I wasn't able to fall asleep and stay asleep before Lexapro. The only time I had side effects was once I got pregnant with my third child. My stomach would hurt, so I stopped taking medication. They tried to prescribe me other things, but I would get itchy hives on my legs. I had never had any reaction to medications before my last pregnancy. Everyone is different though🤷 All you can do is try medication and see if it works for you personally. Good luck!

I've been seeing a psychiatrist since I was 14 and have tried tons of anxiety meds and antidepressants. It took several years to figure out what worked for me.

I started on Zoloft and I’m happy with it so far, it’s been about a year, a couple friends of mine are on Wellbutrin and love it. I slowly increased my dose in 25mg intervals, you don’t have to go all the way to 100% right of the bat. Start with a little bit, get past the side effect stage and see how you’re doing, and then go up or switch if you need. 10/10 would recommend trying meds. Changed my life. Go for it!

This is my second time on it. I haven’t noticed a difference YET because it’s been a week. But, when I was on it the first time I felt so much better. I thought my anxiety was gone, so I stopped taking the medication. (Bad idea)

Citalopram. It’s made me feel myself again xx

I take Lexapro and it’s amazing. I am able to function again! I haven’t had any side effects with it. Good luck with everything anxiety is the worst! Feel free to message me anytime if you need someone to talk to.

My kid just turned 5 but has such high anxiety about everything. We were sent to a psychiatrist and she started zoloft about a month ago. Some effects have already been noticed.

You would have to go to a doctor To get anxiety medication try making an appointment I’m prescribed hydroxyzime the common brand name atarax it helps me a lot!

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